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Project Description
ScrumZ is a tool targeted at development groups using the SCRUM process of Agile software development. It allows you to track product backlog items, sprints, tasks, defects related to your SCRUM project.

The Agile Software movement has taken the development world by storm. The number of software development teams following the Agile process is steadily increasing. The two widely used Agile processes are eXtreme Programming (XP) and SCRUM. Both are essentially similar, and therefore, the same tool can often be used to manage these projects.

ScrumZ is a client/server tool that can be used by small to large teams to manage their projects. It uses a SQL Server database and can be used to manage multiple projects using the Agile methodology. It allows you to define Product Backlog Items (or User Stories), create and manage Sprints (or Iterations), manage tasks and track the progress of your project. It even has a built in Defect Tracking system.

ScrumZ will be released as open-source under the BSD License.

After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, development of ScrumZ is begining again! Watch this space for more...

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